Sunday, October 21, 2007

Will The iPhone Work Here?

The touch- screen three-in-one device (iPod, computer, cellphone) debuted last june 29 in the U.S. The iPhone features a large display to see everything better, WIFI for surfing at coffee shops, a camera to take snapshots, and a unique "multi-touch" control scheme that lets you do everything with your fingertips. That's why there's only four physical buttons on this gadget.If you flew to the US and brought back an iPhone, would it work here? the answer is a categorical no. The iPhone is currently designed to work only with the networks of AT&T, the partner of apple. If you're out of the US- you can't call or text anyone. No, you can't swap out the SIM: it's built into the device.

Yes, you can still use the iPhone's music playback and web surfing capabilities. But who wnats to pay hundreds of dollars for that? If you're really interested in the iPhone, I suggest wait until A pple makes it available locally in 2008.