Thursday, December 27, 2007

Junk Food

Know more about it:
Chips, packs of salted goodies, but junk food is precisely that~junk.It's tasty (especially when it's in your favorite flavor) but gives us nothing but empty calories (meaning we gain weight but we don't get any nutrients form it).
*Diet and junk food do not go hand~in~hand.
*Junk food's appeal is also caused by time or pressure concerns. It's packed in a way that makes it handy to eat or take anywhere.
But: Junk food will never give us nutrition that our body needs.
Some of its harmful effects:
*Lack of energy
*Poor concentration
*Heart diseases
*High cholesterol
How to deal:
Self~discipline is what you need to be able to swerve away from your junki~addiction.If you're really craving for something to munch on, the least you can do is substitute the flavored varieties with the plain~flavored ones, or better yet opt for a bag of popcorn(but not the microwavable kind).