Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Called A Breakup Because It's Broken

The guy who boldly told us that He's Just Not That Into You is back(this time with his wife Amira as coauthor) with a book meant for anyone who's ever had her heart broken. It's Called A breakup because it's broken offers that sensible, oftentimes humorous , kick-in -the-head kind of advice to make you finally leave your bed, stop making those desperate calls to your ex or driving your friends away with your constant pity parties. Filled with dera greg letters, breakup commandments, all sorts of breakup stories, and even a section called (the worst and lowest pranks people who have pulled on their exes-hilarious and frightening at the same time) makes this book a true breakup buddy

Love Your Body and the wardrobe will follow

There are many women and men who share your concerns about body shape, clothes that will look good about themselves.
The first thing to convey is that clothing alone will not shift your insecurity to security. What matters and what makes a difference is how you view your body and the context in which you view your body and yourself. Self Esteem and empowerment don't come from outside circumstances.It is generated from you, your thoughts about yourself, and your life. Creating the point of view and belief that your body is perfect exactly the way it is and exactly the way it isn't will give you a tremendous amount of power and freedom to be with your body. Being empowered and free to be with your body will create an appreciation of clothes. When empowered and free to be with your body, you can enjoy and play the tremendously fun game can enjoy and play the tremendously fun game of creating wardrobe that will complement that beautiful body of yours. Style is a creative process. You create it , like an artist, to express who you are, not who you think you should be. You don't have to be skinny to be beautiful , there is no truth out there that says skinny is beautiful. It's a concept that was created and people bought into it and made it real. It's not real.It's just a point of view. we all comes in various shapes and sizes and to accept this reality, own it, and celebrate it is your access to loving the body you have.

Be Careful What You Wish for

If you're one of the countless woman who are always for so many things, then you can definitely relate to this. In Be Careful What You Wish For, British author Alexandra Potter uncovers what just might happen if all of your wishes really did come true.
This magical romantic comedy tells the story of Heather Hamilton, an assistant to a wedding photographer who considers herself unlucky in life-and in love. One day she buys a piece of heather from a gypsy who claims it has a powers and will give her good luck. At first Heather thought it was ridiculous, until one by one, her 'little' wishes suddenly become real-no more bad hair days, a handsome American replying to her ad for a flatmate, and dating James, The Perfect Man.
She gets what she wants-the question is, does living her dreams make her happy?

Good Girl Reads

A classic love story, a romantic comedy, and a cure for heartbreak-the bed companions for you during a thunderstorm
Love story is a classic novel about two people who have nothing in common but the love they feel for each other. The aptly titled story revolves around Oliver Barret IV, a filthy rich Harvard Jock and Jennifer Cavilleri, a wisecracking music major from Radcliffe. In this classic, Segal shows his mastery of the romantic genre by using a tried-and-tested formula-rich boy meets poor girl, fall in love, parents disapprove, and a you-and -me-against-the world chapter begins.But they will live happily ever after, knowing that they are very different? The good thing about Love Story is that no matter how simple the tale is, the author still provides readers with interesting twists and turn as the story unfolds. Also,the characters are interesting-readers are sure to love the witty and humorous banter between Oliver and Jennifer as the story progresses