Friday, December 7, 2007

Good Girl Reads

A classic love story, a romantic comedy, and a cure for heartbreak-the bed companions for you during a thunderstorm
Love story is a classic novel about two people who have nothing in common but the love they feel for each other. The aptly titled story revolves around Oliver Barret IV, a filthy rich Harvard Jock and Jennifer Cavilleri, a wisecracking music major from Radcliffe. In this classic, Segal shows his mastery of the romantic genre by using a tried-and-tested formula-rich boy meets poor girl, fall in love, parents disapprove, and a you-and -me-against-the world chapter begins.But they will live happily ever after, knowing that they are very different? The good thing about Love Story is that no matter how simple the tale is, the author still provides readers with interesting twists and turn as the story unfolds. Also,the characters are interesting-readers are sure to love the witty and humorous banter between Oliver and Jennifer as the story progresses