Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Care Bear Quiz

I found this meme over from someone's blog, i thought this was fun, hehe

Cheer Bear
You're the Care Bear cheerleader! Your spunky personality and optimisim lifts everyone's spirit. Though you want everyone to be happy, you stand your ground on issues you feel strongly about and this can bring disunity among your friends. Despite this, you are a true believer in working together.

So what's yours? please feel free to play along and leave me a note so I will come visit. :)


Here is a list of items for you to consider using, adding, borrowing, or buying to complete your desired look:
  • Shirts
  • Sheer blouses worn over sexy tank camisoles
  • Shimmery or metallic t-shirts or sleeveless tops
  • Sequined Tops or anything that has flair
  • Silk, crepe, satin, or Lycra blend shirts or blouses that are simple and elegant
  • Pants
  • Skinny denim jeans
  • Embroidered jeans or satin jeans (black, white, colored, printed)
  • Black 'palazzo' pants ( loose fitting wide-legged pants in soft fabrics)
  • Tailored formal pants in festive colors(red, silver, bronze, purple, magenta)
  • Dresses/Skirts
  • Basic Little black dress(sleeveless A-line, mini dress, long slim-fitting)
  • Slip dress in midnight blue, black, white or red(something feminine and sexy)
  • Shimmery in any length ( don't overdo the shimmer though-with shimmer, less is more)
  • Simple sequined miniskirt in an animal print(great with a basic black top)
  • Slack miniskirt
  • Short or long-flared skirt in soft flowy fabrics
  • Long and Black skirt(gorgeous with a fitted evening jacket or sexy sheer blouse)
  • Shoes
  • High-heeled strappy sandals(silver, bronze, gold, red, black
  • Ballerina flats (great with basic black mini dress and trendy jewelry)
  • Pointed evening pumps
  • Colorful fabric or satin heels/flats
  • Animal -print shoes(great with jeans or a basic read or black dress)
  • Stiletto boots
  • Jewelry
  • Trendy earrings and necklaces(goes with basic dresses and all black outfits)
  • Gold or silver hoop earrings
  • Shimmery bangle bracelets
  • Choker necklaces(for tops with low necklines or strapless dresses)
  • Anything that sparkles and brightens up to your outfit(rhinestones, diamonds)
  • Long-stranded necklaces
  • Other Accessories
  • Colorful satin evening bags
  • Printed, metallic, or sheer shawls
  • Satin gloves (elegant with long black dress- more appropriate for formal wear)
  • Hair accessories with rhinestones or semi-precious gemstones
  • Bright scarves
  • Sequined or metallic belts
  • Anything vintage(shoes, scarves, bags, jewelry, hats)