Sunday, October 28, 2007

MeMeing~ABC's Of Me

  • -A: If i remember i'm in section A since first to fourth year high school
  • B-Born: I was born in davao
  • C-Cape:My 5 year old son know how to spell cape
  • D-Dance: I'm not clever in dancing
  • E-Eowwww: This is just one of my expressions:-)
  • F-Fame: I just watch the Ride To Fame Show,
  • G-Gap: Age Gap, between me and matthew is 5 years only,
  • H-Home: One of the songs of Brian Mcknight that i love
  • I-Ice cubes-I always put some ice cubes whenever i drink a glass of coke
  • J-John Tucker Must Die: silly film, hehe
  • KKite: can't think of any, hehe
  • L-Lost: I once was lost but now am found:-)
  • M-Mum: I am looking forward to meet my mother in law to be in the future:-)
  • N-Nap: I like to to have a nap in a minute.
  • O-: Overwhelmed: because i met a lot of malaysian bloggers are very friendly
  • P-Paint: I dont know how to paint, might read leonardo da vinci's book someday, heheh
  • Q-Quit: I used to quit quickly., dont know before why im such a quitter
  • R-Rose: lovely name of my mother in law to be~
  • S-Steve Wonder: I simply love his voice
  • T-Tea: I'm A Yellow Tea Freak
  • U-Uchained: Who Me?
  • V-Vain: I'm aware that i'm too vain sometimes
  • W-Work: I am a workaholic person, haha!
  • X-Xyllophone: I still know how to play the xyllophone,
  • Y-Yen: I wonder what is the currency of yen today, lol
  • Z-Zzzzz: I dream to take a nap., pretty tired still after attending christening..,
  • So There..
  • Now let le pass this to jackie, francine, darlene
  • Thanks to keeyit, finally get it done today:-) very timely for sunday meme,hehe


keeyit said...

Thanks for doing this meme.. I know quite a hard one for you..

Between, how many blogs do you have actually ? hehe..

Darlene said...

Ok Mel will do this tag thank you ha ikaw pod naa sad kay duha ka tagay nako naa sa akong domain ug blogspot hehehe thanks daan sa paghimo no rush miss princess!

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