Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Know more about sweets:
*Sugar is a carbohydrate.
*It boosts your energy.
*It helps sharpen memory.
*If taken moderatel, it will help you gain weight.
Because they are sweet and, more often than not, delish, we can't help but overload on it.
But: This wickedly yummy treat may bring about these negative effects:
*Hypogylycemia~A blood~sugar problem caused by too much sugar and improper diet.
*Tooth decay~ The bacteria in plaque depend on sugars to produce acids, which break down the enamel and start tooth decay*
*Headcahes and dizziness~ Low glucose levels resulting from the severe dip after a high sugar intake tax the brain and cause headaches**
*oTHER symptoms of too much sugar intake are: great stress and fatigue, depression, NXIETY, Lck of mental alertness, and rapid mood swings.
How to deal: Always eat your meals on time to prevent craving for sweets. For your sweet fix, try eating fruits instead.

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astrogalaxy said...

Good post!
I can resist candies, sugar stuffs except DONUTS !