Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mind Your Body

Massage heaven scent(i hope to get one soon)
Listen to your body.
Pain in the neck, burden on your shoulder, knots in your stomach, TINIK SA DIBDIB. Every ache, every sensation tells you something if we know how to listen. Movement practices like yoga allows you to bring this focused attention to your body, become aware of the blockages, and open them to let vital chi flow freely. Deep massage releases blockages that have calcified on our bodies. Almost of our back pains are rotted in bottled~up emotions. the next time you go to spa, stay awake and take note of the thoughts and emotions that surface and the body part that triggered these. Allow the thoughts to flow without judgement.
Do Not East Aside Negative Emotions. Fear, anger, sadness, even envy is there for a reason. Explore it, leran from it, emerge from it. Go to a therapist if needed. Have a constructive talk with people you resent. For me, we should act our emotions, including negative ones, so we dont end up acting out destructively. Do not afraid to let go of destrucitve relationships. Holding on just makes it worse.
Consciously chose to have positive thoughts, emotions, and actions.Our bodies are living testimonies of our choices. What we think, what we feel, and what we do shape not only our lives but also our bodies. A healthy mindset should be part of our healthy diet. Junk foods leads to poor health, poor beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour which eventually reflect in our bodies. The most visible sign your posture. Be mindful of how your posture changes with changes in thoughts and emotions. More importantly, be aware of how you think and feel when you consciously change your posture. You'd be surprised!

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