Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh My!

What's going on here, ,I haven’t been up to much lately, I have been busy at work, home, life in general. And sometimes, i just felt and sit in to watch pinoy big brother season 2, cool eh? I quite like that program now, i find it funny especially that ethel booba was inside the house, she maybe pasaway sometimes, but she hold the strength of the group., I'm sad to know when gaby have to leave the house for her to attend the international seminar for the car race. Well for me i think she made the right decesion, ,She is the only Filipina who competed in the full season of the series and her efforts to a 1st Runner-up placing in the Philippine National Formula championship well anyways, tonight i tried to register in pbb website for onlive voting, this week eviction nominees are ethel, megan and baron., i prefer really to vote online because it saves money, lol than txt..i want to give my vote to save BB13, ETHEL..